Weekly Invasivore Round-up Jan. 29, 2011

Pick of the Week: Monday, Jan. 24

Let them eat carp- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Karen Herzog on Chicago area Chef Jimmy Wade’s “Tapas Tuesday” feast where on Feb 1st, he’s going to be serving up Asian Carp and other invasive species.  This looks delicious, if any Invasvores out there can make it, comment or drop us a line and tell us how good it was.  Reservations are recommended.

Saturday, Jan. 22

Volunteers help pick up pesky air potatoes at Orlando park- Orlando Sentinel.com

Invasivores be warned, this edible sounding “Air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera), is actually toxic.

Sunday, Jan 23

Wintertime battle against invasive plant life- The Daily Register.com

Brian DeNeal writes that while now’s a great time for manually controlling invasive “Autumn Olive” (Elaeagnus umbellate) we at Invasivore found an article suggesting that it also edible -tart and sweet.  We’ll try and find a patch in the fall and let everyone know.  This appears to be a VERY invasive species.  We’ll be suggesting a harvest-then-destroy approach.  We recommend The Nature Conservancy’s species info.

Eat a Lionfish- Save a Caribbean Reef

Another report on the very popular Invasivory of Lionfish, long since reported in the Washington Post and The New York Times.

Tuesday, Jan. 25

What’s Eating You?

Humans aren’t the only Invasivores!  Deep-Sea News reports on a native snapper taking an invasive lionfish out to lunch.

Though it does need some human help.

Wednesday, Jan. 26

Snakes stay put

Constrictors are serious invaders, particularly in the Florida everglades.  While industry quibbles about these snakes listing under the Lacey Act, I’m willing to bet snake can make a nice meal.

Thursday, Jan. 27

Invasive species continues to spread despite supposed obstacles
Snakehead are definitely edible.  If anyone out there can get us one, I have some things I would like to try.  Let us know in the comments or email

Friday, Jan. 28

The Chef, brought this article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune to our attention, and we just can’t pass up Asian Carp!

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