Weekly Invasivore Round-up Feb. 26, 2011

The Weekly Invasivore Round-up compiles our favorite newsAndy in the field and blogoshpere items from the week which we think are relevant to Eating Invasive Species. This week: Google recipes, Asian Carp, Rock Snot, attack strategies,  lionfish, nutria, snakehead and more.

Pick of the Week

Google launches new recipe search!

Saturday Feb 19

Rockford doctor’s business fights Asian carp invasion

As feed for animals and humans, and a source for omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil.

Sunday, Feb 20

‘Rock Snot’ Algae, Didymosphenia Geminata, Leads Maryland To Ban Felt Fishing Boots

Maryland becomes the first state to ban felt-bottomed fishing waiters, which contribute to the spread of the edible, if slimy, “rock snotDidymosphenia geminate.

Tuesday, Feb 22

Invasive Species Control Strategies – Avoiding the Whac-A-Mole Approach

Ecologist Chris Helzer provides some strategy suggestions on the best ways to approach harvest and destruction of invasive prairie plants.

Thursday, Feb 24

Lionfish on the Loose

Defenders of Wildlife are an amazing advocate for native plants and animals in the face of invasions.  It’s good to see them onto Lionfish derbies.

Google blends recipes into search menu

Is Google invasive?  Maybe a little, but it’s definitely becoming more edible.  They’ve launched a recipe search!

Friday, Feb 25

Coping With Florida’s Invasive Species

Lionfish.  The “popular” edible invader, but there’s plenty other tasty invaders out there.

Invasive Animals Continue to Thrive in Maryland

And many are of course, edible.

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