Weekly Invasivore Round-up Feb. 4, 2011

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Thursday, Jan. 27

Successfully combating invasive species

Angela Fisher of Detroit Examiner.com does a great invasivore round-up of her own.  I’m salivating over some of her links.  Look for Asian Carp, Round Goby, Sea Lamprey, and Kudzu.

Sunday, Jan. 30

Want a Taste of Cayman? Try the Invasive Lionfish

More Lionfish!  See our Lionfish species profile.

Monday, Jan. 31

Sale of Rare Plants Could Spark Invasive Explosion

Treehugger.com has picked up on this very good Nature comment lead by our colleague Patrick Shirey in the GLOBES program at Notre Dame.  Leave questions for him here in our comments, and we’ll see to it they are answered.

Tuesday, Feb 1

Park district battles invasive species, and wouldn’t mind help

Residents of Elmhurst, near Chicago, are invited to attend this exhibition by the Park District, “Space Invasion: Plant and Animal Invaders.  One of the featured plants is garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata), an edible source of vitamin C used by settlers.  Through Feb.  28th.

Mass American mink removal in Scotland- BBC

Introduced for fur production in the 1950’s, mink are now being eradicated.  They don’t report on what happens to the mink once they are captured, however.  Perhaps using the furs, the same principals as invasivory apply?

Wednesday, Feb 2

The University of Georgia’ Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health’s BugWood Blog turned us on to these very cool videos from the University of Wisconsin- Madison Weed Science program demonstrating how to properly identify various invasive plants.  Including a favorite edible invader, garlic mustard:

Thursday, Feb 3

Asian carp aren’t only invasive threat to Lake Erie

Results from The Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory on Lake Erie show that Invasive Round Goby compete with smallmouth bass.  The first item in today’s Weekly Invasivore Round-up, includes a recipe for Round Goby.

Friday, Feb. 4

Critics raise voices in invasive mute swan fight

The Detroit News reports on the push-back by critics of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources plan to curb invasive mute swan populations, including hunting.

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