Weekly Invasivore Round-up March 5, 2011

Andy in the fieldThe week of Feb 28-March 4 was National Invasive Species Awareness Week. A week of activities, briefings, and events to highlight what is being done across the nation and around the world to stop and slow the spread of invasive species. Needless to say, the news and blogs were all a-flutter this week.

Pick of the Week:

Eating invasive species: Conservation through gastronomy

Saturday, Feb 26

‘When the Killing’s Done’: T.C. Boyle’s novel of a California war over invasive species

Fiction Review: ‘When the Killing’s Done’ by T.C. Boyle

This looks like an interesting read -I just ordered it- with players and motives that may seem familiar to invasivores. You can find an excerpt at the author’s webpage, and order at amazon.

Monday, Feb 28

The Art Of War On Invasive Species

Artist Patterson Clark is making art out of invasive species. Just because you can’t eat them, doesn’t mean we can’t in other ways recoup some lost beauty. Visit his website Alien Weeds

Wisconsin boaters and anglers change behaviors to prevent spread of aquatic invasive species

Education and Awareness has changed people’s behavior to reduce the spread and impact of invasive species. That’s what we said.

Invasive species as an economic resource: Lake Victoria’s water hyacinths

Tuesday, March 1

The Ultimate Invasive Species?

Spolier Alert: it’s people! Along with feral cats and dogs, this “ultimate invasive species” is on my do-not-eat list.

Wednesday, March 2

America’s Least Wanted

Friday, March 4

Asian carp load nets $50K fine: Trucker on hook for carrying invasive species

Eating Invasive Species, You’re doing it wrong.

Saturday, March 5

Supermax Super Soil Booster

Meet this group at our local farmers market this morning. They are using invasive Asian Carp from the Wabash River in Indiana to create a very cool substitute for chemical fertilizers. Use it in your garden and Eat Invasive Species.



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