Invasivore Weekly Round-up April 24, 2011

Andy in the fieldEdible Invasive species this week: Asian Carp spreading, walleyes, rusty crayfish, sheep lend their rumens, Asiatic Clam, lionfish derby, and pining for a copy of May 2011 Men’s Journal.

Sunday, April 17

Freshwater Fishing: Early success comes mostly in netting of invasive species

Monday, April 18

Rustilicious: A Primer on Catching & Eating Great Lakes Lobster

Sheep chow down at Univ.; Method helps control plants

Tuesday, April 19

Fishing tournament targets invasive lionfish

Wednesday, April 20

Take an Invasive Species to Dinner

10 invasive species for eating

Thursday, April 21

Lake George’s Asian clams targeted as nuisance, but could be delicacy

Friday, April 22

Pulling Together Initiative

  • funding opportunity!

Accidental environmentalist designs furniture from invasive species

Asian carp found at Wisconsin border

Saturday, April 23

Men’s Journal

  • There I was, waiting for a hair cut, when I spotted on article in the May 2011 Men’s Health.  It had some really great ideas, but I couldn’t finish reading it and haven’t  found myself a copy.


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