Weekly Invasivore Round-up. April 10, 2011

Andy Invasivoring a Phragmites shoot

This week’s eating invasive species news of interest was defined by some measured discussion of the nature of non-native species and human immigrants that played out in the New York Times.  But we don’t leave out wild onions, The onion, iguanas and trout.

Sunday, April 3

Mother Nature’s Melting Pot

We’re not sure we’re on board with this one, but it’s news worth reporting nonetheless.

Monday, April 4

Eating the Enemy: Making a Meal of Invasive Species

Wild Onion: A Subtler Take on Garlic

Jackson Landers, author of the blog “The Locavore Hunter” as well as the upcoming book “Eating Aliens” provides another recipe for invasivores to try.

Eating Locally

A humorous approach to the locavore movement.

Tuesday, April 5

A novel approach to an invasive species: Conservation gastronomy

The Iguana Cookbook Save Florida- Eat an Iguana

Special thanks to George for pointing this out to us in the comments.  I’m looking forward to my copy.

Wednesday, April 6

Brown Trout are an Abomination in Virginia

Friday April 8

Invasive species could cost the world trillions

We’ve argued that Eating Invasive Species can help recoup some of these costs, but there’s a long way to go.

Saturday April 9

What to Do About Invasive Species

responses to Mother Nature’s Melting Pot

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