Weekly Invasivore Round-up. April 17, 2011

Andy Invasivoring a Phragmites shoot

There’s a little catching up to do here at the invasivore weekly round-up.  I’m not sure if it was a slow news week or if I was just really distracted.  Perhaps a combination.  Wild hogs, Brazilian pepper, and Garlic Mustard.

Saturday, April 9

UhhyeahDude Episode 266

Didn’t find out about this ahead of time, or even in time, to put up last week.  Pronunciation and detail aside, still kind of cool at around minute 24.

Sunday, April 10

Open no gates for feral swine

Monday, April 11

A Tasty and Zesty FoeBrazilian pepper

Wednesday, April 13

Invasive wild hogs move into New York

Friday, April 15

“Great Garlic Mustard Gathering”

The kind of cooperative invasivory we love to see


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