Asian Clams By the Numbers

1 – Because they are hermaphrodites that can self-fertilize, the number of Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea) individuals needed to establish a population

70,000 – Approximate number of eggs produced by an Asian clam each year

3 – Average lifespan (in years) of an Asian clam, although some have lived up to 7!

That’s a lot of clams; we better start eating!  Although they are smaller than the clams you are used to cooking, Asian clams can be an excellent substitute in your favorite clam chowder or other dish.  The next few numbers will lead you to a few recipes to try!

174 – Number of recipes listing clam as an ingredient on

688 – Number of recipes on featuring clam as an ingredient

0.08 – Seconds it took us to identify approximately 236,000 results via Google Recipe search for “clam”



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