Invasivore Weekly Round-up May 14, 2011

News and other comments from around the interweb that you may have missed this last week.  I spent Friday in Chicago with some invasive species heavy weights at the Program on the Global Environment conference Invasive Species in a Globalized World.  I’ve got some new ideas too, and here’s a hint: King Henry the I of England.

Saturday, May 7

‘Godzilla’ lionfish threatening Cayman paradise

Lionfish Derby Reels In Invasive Species-Poisonous Fish Makes For A Delectable Dish

Monday, May 9

Eating Invasives – The Next Local Food

Tuesday, May 10

Taming the Lionfish: Can Predators Be Trained to Control an Invasive Species?

Thursday, May 12

Strange Things Happen To Guys Who Wear Pants


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