Invasivore Weekly Round-up, May 28 2011

Recent Eating Invasive Species news fresh from the internet.  It seems this idea is catching on.  Pick of the week: Smithsonian Magazine

Sunday, May 15

DNR Declares War on Scaly Foreign Envader [sic]– Mount-up bounty hunters

Richey: Japanese knotweed highly invasive, edible

Tuesday, May 17

W.Va. organizing events to rid public lands of invasive garlic mustard plants

Wednesday, May 18

Voracious Feral Camels Are the New Cane Toads

Thursday, May 19

Invasive Species Outreach Grant– Money! Applications due June 20th

Friday, May 20

Give squirrel a whirl– I’m looking at you, UK

Wednesday, May 25

11 extreme ways to eat and drink closer to home–  Eating invasives, and several other fun but not-that-extreme ideas.

Making the Best of Invasive Species– Smithsonian Magazine

Friday, May 27

The Tastiest Enemy: Eating Invasive Species

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