Invasivore Weekly Round-up May 7, 2011

Spring is in the air.  Like weddings, the blossoms are everywhere.  Which is why this is a special two-week edition of the Weekly Round-up.  Well worth the wait.

Video Pick- Sunday May 3

Sword-Swinging Ninjas On Skis Go After Asian Carp (Video)– Book a trip at Peoria Carp Hunters

Tuesday, April 26

Controlling Invasive Species With Goats– podcast from The Organic View

Wednesday, April 27

Armadillos pass leprosy to humans, study finds-but see The Locavore Hunter’s response.

Side Dishes: Barbecue teams and invasivores

Thursday, April 28

Fish importer busted trying to smuggle fish-chomping ‘fishzilla’ snakeheads into New York

Friday, April 29

Eating the Enemy: How to Become an Invasivore

Changes In Great Lakes Threaten Transplanted Fish– Podcast from NPR’s All things Considered

Monday, May 2

Event takes aim at Invasive Plant Species– Very sad we couldn’t make it

Florida Fishing Contest Targets Spiny Alien Invaders

Tuesday, May 5

Saving the Seas: Protect Ecosystems by Outlawing Stowaway Creatures (or Just Eating Them)

Wednesday, May 6

Wis. turns to wasps in fight against ash borer– Wasps larvae eat borers’ eggs from the inside out.



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