Weekly Invasivore Round-up, June 11, 2009

Several people sent me great links for the round-up this week, thanks!  And keep them coming.  This week, I get taunted by Garlic Mustard Ice Cream.

Tuesday, May 31

Insect Eating Invasive Plant in the Everglades

Sunday, June 5

Allen Afield: Crappies are invasive, but they’re great fun, food

Tuesday, June 7

Making The Best Out Of Invasion, Missouri Shop Makes Cicada Ice Cream– oh Garlic Mustard Ice Cream…why must you tease me so?

Wednesday, June 8

I got an email from Conservation Biologist Joe Roman this week, and I’m happy to pass on some really great articles of his from a few years ago.  Try the Nutria, Wild Boar and crawfish egg rolls.  Follow up with the Kudzu Sorbet (dang-it GMIC)

Bon Appetit: Ecologists are devising invasive species control strategies that would make Julia Child proud.

Eat the Invaders! As marauding hordes of invasive species devour heaping helpings of the North American landscape,
we offer some recipes that might help turn the tables.

also on the 8th-

City Says Baaaaaa-humbug To Invasive Plants

San Diego County’s Wild Pig Problem– Oddly Familiar

Friday, June 10

Mississippi flooding may have spread invasive fish

Michigan’s Canned Hunt Ranches Fight to Keep Exotic Swine Legal

Australia: Killing Camels for Carbon Credits?– not exactly eating, but a clever way to recoup lost costs?

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