Invasivore Weekly Roundup for July 17, 2011

Our weekly roundups offer the latest invasive species from around the internet for you to sink your teeth into.   

Here’s a blog post we missed a few weeks ago on the etymology of the term invasivore

Next, check out this concise editorial on Technorati

We wish we could have been here as Cooking Demo At James Beard House Showcases Safe Preparation Of Lionfish.  Anyone know how we can get our hands on some lionfish?

The brown marmorated stink bug has now appeared in Wisconsin.  Does anyone know if these things are edible?

Is eating invasive species is this summer’s coolest new trend?

And speaking of summer, here’s one more reminder to be sure to inspect and wash your boats and trailers!

Finally, in case you missed it last week, be sure to check out Answer for Invasive Species: Put It on a Plate and Eat It, which has generated quite the buzz about eating invasive species.

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