Recipe: Lazy Loni

In the genus Lonicera, the honeysuckle blooms in summer and thus makes a refreshing drink for a warm and lazy summer afternoon.  I’ve tried to combine the delicate fragrance of honeysuckle with flavors that won’t compete or completely mask it.

Lazi Loni ingredients:

  • Honeysuckle syrup (as usual, fresher is better, as the honeysuckle fragrance will decay over time)
  • Fresh pineapple chunks
  • Club soda
  • Rum
  • Ice


  1. Muddle pinapple chunks at the bottom of a glass

    Muddled fresh pineapple
  2. Add one part honeysuckle syrup, 4 parts club soda, and a shot of rum
  3. Serve over ice
  4. Garnish with tiny umbrella, leftover flowers, or other invasive species
Lazy Loni serving suggestion (Photo credit: S. Sim)



A self-proclaimed modern day nomad, I was born in the Philippines, grew up in southern California—lived all over really—and now I do research as a graduate student in Indiana and the Pacific Northwest. Professionally speaking, my current area of focus is speciation and ecological genetics and genomics, and a common theme in my various projects over the years is evolution in agricultural systems. As a recipient of a GLOBES—an interdisciplinary program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) through the Integrative Graduate Education, Research, and Traineeship grant (IGERT) —fellowship, I have received training which has better enabled me to view and ponder topics without my science hat on. I take great joy in eating, cooking, and experiencing nature through various activities. I love to travel and anticipate many local and international invasivore field trips! Though my research interests do not directly involve the study of invasive species, I have had my fair share of negative encounters with environmentally noxious organisms in the midst of doing field research. I carry around a machete with which to combat my gnarly “Himalayan” foes, and my machete and I have raised more than a few eyebrows. Apart from my personal vendetta against these deliciously juicy pests, I feel that there are great advantages to linking our awareness of the natural world to our culture, and Invasivore is an avenue to do just that. I feel that an increase in general knowledge of invasive species will be of great benefit to the field of invasive species and conservation biology. Knowledge and awareness will lead to action, and action will lead to results!

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