Roundup August 28, 2011

This week’s Roundup is a small, but international, helping of the week’s news and notes about eating invasive species.

In his Cairns hotel room in Queensland, Australia, Andy caught this re-run of Andrew Zimmerman eating Australia’s notorious  invasive- and poisonous- Cane toad.  Later on in the same episode, he also comes across a hotel in Darwin serving invasive camel.

Another week, another article on one of the most popular invasivore targets, the lionfish.

Here’s a really cool article about how crustacean that is invasive in many places may actually be able to help amphibians in the fight against chytrid fungus.

And finally, we wish we could have made it out to the Alewife Baltimore for their Snakehead dinner last week.  Maybe next time!

UPDATE: The “eco-curious” blog Just Saying… provides some delicious pictures of the Snakehead Dinner.

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