Weekly Roundup, October 2, 2011

In our weekly roundups, we present the latest eating invasive species news from around the web.

First, we are thrilled to be included among some top resources for eating invasive species in Conservation Magazine!

We learned about an upcoming snakehead dinner benefiting oyster recovery efforts in the US Northeast.

Coincidentally,we weren’t the only site to profile invasive earthworms this week- check out Great Lakes Echo for more great information!  Also, invasive earthworms appear to be turning the tables on early (native) birds in North America.

Chef Philippe Parola aims to change minds about eating Asian carp.  Maybe people should try the Asian carp chorizo being cooked up at Purdue?

Popular Mechanics reports on eating lionfish.

They’re also starting to eat invasive flathead catfish in Florida.

And also in Florida, our old friend Wynne Parry at LiveScience urges you not to release pets into the wild.

Finally, on the other coast, Entomologists in California search for natural invasivores.

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