Feral Pig Feast

As we prepared our review of Year of the Pig, an enjoyable and educational account of feral pig hunts in 10 states, we had our first opportunity to sample some of the invasive pest.

Author Mark J. Hainds shared a section of a shoulder roast prepared from a wild boar killed in the Florida panhandle.  Before sending the sample, Hainds smoked it for 6 hours over sweetbay wood (Magnolia virginiana) following an application of olive oil and a “Dixie Dirt” spice rub.  Before we ate it, we wrapped the roast in foil with some sliced potatoes to help keep the meat moist and baked at 350 F for an hour and a half.

The final product was a big hit with our invasivore staff and lab mates!  The meat was moist and fairly tender.  A subtle pork flavor worked well with the smoke and pepper flavors picked up during cooking- the meat definitely did not taste gamey (a common concern with feral pigs, especially older, larger boars).  And, for what it’s worth, the potatoes cooked with the pork picked up some of the flavor and tasted great, too!

Feral pig roast prepared with potatoes


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