Jan 19

Friends of Invasivore

If yesterday’s SOPA and PIPA protest was a demonstration of how internet sharing could be hampered by pending legislation, let today’s entry be a celebration of the great things being shared around the web!

Here are the blogs we’ve been reading lately:

Do you have any suggestions about other blogs we should be reading?


  1. Melany Vorass

    Urban squirrel cuisine is really catching on in Seattle. After this AP video ran, I found myself teaching Seattleites how to trap and cook the invasive Eastern grey squirrel. There’s far more interest here than the news media would ever be willing to let onto.


    Keep up the great work y’all. I absolutely love this web page.

  2. Kathryn Turner

    Sorry to blab about my stuff, but I have recently started a blog on invasion biology, ethnobotany, and evolution that maybe you’d like to check out? It’s at alienplantation.com .

    I’m a PhD student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, working on the evolution of invasiveness in diffuse knapweed, a plant which, unfortunately, is not fit for mammalian consumption. I do, however, eat a lot of Himalayan blackberries. And I love the site.

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