Mar 22

World Water Day 2012!

Today is World Water Day!  Which means there’s a flood of people celebrating ways to conserve the world’s water and the many, many ecosystem services that we get from freshwater.  Here’s a link to get you started How much water do you use? (Infographic) , but seriously, just google it.

So in a show of solidarity, here’s a list of the water-based edible invasive species we’ve dealt with:

Asian Carp

Asian Clam - Three-cups Corbicula

Chinese Mysterysnail  - Mysterysnail Fettuccine

Louisiana Crayfish - Cajun and Swedish Style Crayfish Boils 

Rusty Crayfish - Crayfish-Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Signal Crayfish - Lake Tahoe Crayfish Boil

Salmon - Spicy Salmon Tacos

Tilapia - Beer-battered TilapiaAlmond Tilapia - Pan Fried Tilapia

Also, I’m keeping track of how much water I use today, to compare it to my just-under-20L per day average from my Peace Corps days.  I can tell already that flush toilets and coffee are going to be a problem.  You can follow how I’m doing on twitter @AndyDeines

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