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Jun 24

Managing invasive plants in Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness

forest of invasives

This post was contributed by Emily Zefferman, Research Associate in Urban Ecological Restoration at the University of Tennessee, and a 2014 PhD graduate from the University of California Davis Graduate Group in Ecology. Urban forests and greenways are increasingly-valued oases in cities across the United States and globally. These areas offer recreational opportunities to city …

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Dec 09

Autumn Olive Taste Test

A full third of tasters preferred autumn olive wine to a commercial pinot grigio

Sep 30

Recipe: Alewife & Cucumber Crackers

I happened upon some Lake Michigan alewife, so I ate some.

Sep 03

Alewife Lessons

Alewife are a glimpse into one possible invasivore future, and the taste is bitter-sweet.

May 06

Recipe: Adobong Salagubang (Adobo-Style June Bugs)

Guest contributor Karen Uy shares a recipe for a popular Filipino snack food best enjoyed while indulging in your favorite beer. Ingredients 2 lbs. June beetles 1 cup vinegar (recommended: sugarcane vinegar) 3 heads of garlic 1 tsp. whole peppercorn ½ cup of soy sauce Directions Soak beetles in salt water overnight in refrigerator. Drain. …

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Dec 17

Cheatgrass, wildfires, and beer!

Americans and Canadians are hearing more and more about a long-established invasive plant called cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), especially after this year’s fire season out west.  What’s the connection?  Among other problems, cheatgrass helps contribute to a longer fire season and more destructive fires, which may worsen in the future because this invasive grass seems to benefit …

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Nov 05

Autumn Olive Wine

Mashed Autumn Olives

Those autumn olives we collected? Some  got to be delicious jam.  The rest, get crushed, fermented, and bottled.  It’s invasivore wine time. My own vintage: I made my first batches of wine while an undergraduate in Bellingham, WA.  One even featured invasive blackberries.  Several things intersected back in 2003 that made this a great idea: 1) A …

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Oct 29

Communicating about invasive species- a good podcast!

Cane toad image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I recently subscribed to the Ecological Society of America’s podcast “Beyond the Frontier,” which features engaging interviews (usually 10 to 15 minutes, perfect timing for the walk to work) with scientists who have recently published in one of ESA’s journals.  One of my favorite episodes is an interview with Dr. Richard Shine at the University …

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Sep 27

Recipe: Autumn Olive Jam

Autumn olive jam on the stove, nearing completion!

Today’s recipe comes from guest contributor Rachel Hesselink.  As an undergraduate at Calvin College, Rachel studied the competitiveness of  invasive autumn olive in Michigan.  Now a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame, Rachel studies the impacts of global change on salt marsh ecosystems. Ingredients Approximately 3 cups fresh autumn olives (berries) 3 Tbsp pectin 2.5 …

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Sep 25

Autumn Olive Picking

Autumn olive

“High-fives for everyone, every day below freezing” The weather is taking the start of Fall very seriously in northern Indiana.  Autumn has been creeping in slowly, almost unnoticed.  Afternoons are still warm and bright, but backyard campfire smoke sneaks along with couples on an evening walk, and a chill floats through an open bedroom window …

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