• Invasivore Editor Matthew Barnes will be speaking at the Alaska Invasive Species Workshop next week on several topics, including harvest as an invasive species management tool. 
  • After pondering the impacts of invasive species in the Wall Street Journal, Amanda Foreman concludes that eating them may be our best defense.
  • A feature in the science journal Nature illustrates the massive impact of invasive species by quantifying their economic toll in South Africa (US $450 million per year!). 
  • Hundreds of pounds of edible invasive Chinese mitten crab were recently intercepted and refused entry by US Customs and Border Protection.
  • St. Louis Public Radio reports on how the Missouri Department of Conservation is intensifying efforts to reduce populations of invasive feral pigs.
  • New methods of Common Carp control have led to the removal of hundreds of thousands of individuals from the Murray River in Australia.
  • Record Burmese python (17 ft!) caught in Florida. (Pictured above; Photo credit: South Florida Water Management District).