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Oct 20

Out to Eat! October 20, 2012

A buffet of eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! We recently enjoyed picking autumn olives in northern Indiana.  Elsewhere in the state, the Department of Natural Resources are stepping up eradication efforts.  Maybe we should send along our jam recipe? Enjoying Asian Carp burgers in Chicago. The fight over sporting swine …

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Jun 09

Out to Eat! June 9, 2012

A buffet of eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet. Popular Mechanics provides a slideshow of 5 invasive species you should be eating More news about the developing invasive crayfish market in Lake Tahoe Interesting use of invasive species in Tristan de Cunha in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee More coverage of …

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May 13

Asian Clams By the Numbers

1 – Because they are hermaphrodites that can self-fertilize, the number of Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea) individuals needed to establish a population 70,000 – Approximate number of eggs produced by an Asian clam each year 3 – Average lifespan (in years) of an Asian clam, although some have lived up to 7! That’s a lot …

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May 11

Recipe: Three-cups Corbicula

Today’s recipe was contributed by Christine Ngai Ryan whose research at the University of Nevada Reno focuses on invasive fish. The name “three cups” indicates a traditional style of Taiwanese cooking and refers to the three main ingredients of the sauce: soy, rice wine, and oil.  Here, we use the sauce in a recipe featuring …

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May 09

Species profile: Asian clam

Distribution map of Asian clams in the United States.  Source:  USGS

What clogs up pipes and costs a billion dollars a year in damages?  Asian clams, Corbicula fluminea, and they’re invading a freshwater habitat near you! Originally introduced into the United States for from its native Southeast Asian waters by Chinese immigrants for the purpose of consumption, the Asian clam Corbicula fluminea has colonized many waterways …

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Apr 24

Invasivore Weekly Round-up April 24, 2011

Edible Invasive species this week: Asian Carp spreading, walleyes, rusty crayfish, sheep lend their rumens, Asiatic Clam, lionfish derby, and pining for a copy of May 2011 Men’s Journal.