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Feb 12

Taking Autumn Olives from Field to Frenzy

One company is stepping-up against invasive autumn olive, the Invasivore way. By harvesting and selling them as “LycoBerries”, Autumn Olives may be the first edible invasive you can order.

Jan 13

Recipe: Sweet potato and autumn olive wine soup

Raw sweet potato and wine

If you didn’t finish your bottle of invasive autumn olive wine at your last dinner party and want a soup to keep you warm during the next polar vortex, try this spicy sweet potato soup. [amd-recipeseo-recipe:7]  

Dec 09

Autumn Olive Taste Test

A full third of tasters preferred autumn olive wine to a commercial pinot grigio

Apr 13

Out to Eat! April 13, 2013

Eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! Autumn Berry Inspired, a start-up marketing products made from invasive autumn olives, earned a new home in Chicago North Carolina is the site of the next fishing derby aimed at taming invasive lionfish What to forage as you head back out to the garden this …

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Dec 06

Recipe: Autumn Olive Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Traditional cookies with an invasivore twist!

Baking cookies this holiday season?  Try this holiday party staple with an Invasivore twist! Ingredients 1.5 cups softened butter 1 cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3.5 cups flour 0.25 teaspoon salt 1 egg, beaten (egg wash) flaked coconut Autumn Olive jam Directions 1.  Preheat oven to 350°F. 2.  Mix butter, sugar, vanilla, flour, …

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Nov 05

Autumn Olive Wine

Mashed Autumn Olives

Those autumn olives we collected? Some  got to be delicious jam.  The rest, get crushed, fermented, and bottled.  It’s invasivore wine time. My own vintage: I made my first batches of wine while an undergraduate in Bellingham, WA.  One even featured invasive blackberries.  Several things intersected back in 2003 that made this a great idea: 1) A …

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Oct 20

Out to Eat! October 20, 2012

A buffet of eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! We recently enjoyed picking autumn olives in northern Indiana.  Elsewhere in the state, the Department of Natural Resources are stepping up eradication efforts.  Maybe we should send along our jam recipe? Enjoying Asian Carp burgers in Chicago. The fight over sporting swine …

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Sep 27

Recipe: Autumn Olive Jam

Autumn olive jam on the stove, nearing completion!

Today’s recipe comes from guest contributor Rachel Hesselink.  As an undergraduate at Calvin College, Rachel studied the competitiveness of  invasive autumn olive in Michigan.  Now a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame, Rachel studies the impacts of global change on salt marsh ecosystems. Ingredients Approximately 3 cups fresh autumn olives (berries) 3 Tbsp pectin 2.5 …

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Sep 25

Autumn Olive Picking

Autumn olive

“High-fives for everyone, every day below freezing” The weather is taking the start of Fall very seriously in northern Indiana.  Autumn has been creeping in slowly, almost unnoticed.  Afternoons are still warm and bright, but backyard campfire smoke sneaks along with couples on an evening walk, and a chill floats through an open bedroom window …

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Dec 03

Out to Eat! December 3

A helping of eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! Maybe you should consider an invasive Christmas tree this year. Have you ever heard of an invasive species hunting rodeo? We love stories about goats eating invasive species– this time, they’re eating autumn olive in Waynesboro, VA. A setback for lionfish invasivores? …

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