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May 24

Recipe: Burdock Chips

Unpeeled burdock root

Our first adventures in preparing burdock weren’t quite as “chippy” as we were hoping… This recipe would make a nice addition to trail mix or perhaps be well received on top of a salad.   Ingredients Lesser burdock roots, washed, peeled, and sliced thin Vegetable oil Popcorn salt   Directions Soak burdock in water 15-30 …

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May 17

Potato Creek Collection Extravaganza!

Eat these invasive species

Invasivores Andy and Matt take a perfect spring afternoon to collect burdock, Chinese mystery Snails, and garlic mustard from Potato Creek Park.

Jul 08

Species Profile: Lesser Burdock

Contrary to its name, lesser burdock is a whole lot of plant, reaching heights up to 6 feet tall and extending its invasive range across the United States and Canada.  Lesser burdock (Arctium minus) is a large biennial plant, meaning that its life cycle takes two years.  In its first year, burdock grows in short …

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