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Jan 30

Friday Feast! January 30, 2015

Eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet!  In prep for the Superbowl, check out our Invasivore Tailgate from a few years ago Mixing invasive cocktails in Pennsylvania – might also be a good addition to your Superbowl party Eating Asian carp from the Mississippi  Not quite an invasive species, but still something …

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Jul 05

Recipe: Hummingbird Fizz

Serving suggestion for a Hummingbird Fizz.  (Photo credit:  S. Sim)

The vibrant red of the watermelon is not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the the taste buds.  I recommend enjoying a Hummingbird Fizz on a warm summer evening while listening to the John Philip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes forever and watching patriots light up the sky.  If you prefer more organic light shows, …

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Jul 01

Recipe: Lazy Loni

Muddled fresh pineapple

In the genus Lonicera, the honeysuckle blooms in summer and thus makes a refreshing drink for a warm and lazy summer afternoon.  I’ve tried to combine the delicate fragrance of honeysuckle with flavors that won’t compete or completely mask it. Lazi Loni ingredients: Honeysuckle syrup (as usual, fresher is better, as the honeysuckle fragrance will …

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Jun 30

Recipe: Lime honeysuckler

Lime Honeysuckler (serving suggestion) [Photo credit:  S. Sim)

We’ve been busy here at Invasivore… busy concocting delicious mixed drinks!  That’s right, we’re combining invasivory with mixology and sharing the recipes for our adult readers.  Please feel free to do some experimentation yourself and as always, drink responsibly! Ingredients: Honeysuckle simple syrup (to optimize the honeysuckle flavor, use freshly made honeysuckle syrup) Club soda Rum …

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