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Apr 08

Harvesting Phragmites australis: tips we picked up

Sheina thumb

It was a pleasant early spring day when I first knowingly encountered Phragmites.  Our afternoon was rather tame with few surprises.  Should you find yourself with the desire for such an excursion or a hankering for some freshly harvested Phragmites “Cossack asparagus,” here are some notable collecting strategies. Young shoots, valuable targets Harvesting young Phragmites shoots early in …

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Apr 06

Phragmites “Cossack asparagus”

Phragmites Cossack asparagus

“Cossack asparagus” is traditionally the young shoots from Common Cattail, but it’s very close to the Phragmites shoots we collected. And like asparagus, one of the best recipes is the simplest. A little boiling, butter, salt, and pepper

Apr 04

Species Profile: Phragmites australis

Phragmites distribution.  Map by eddmaps.org

The snow long gone and the temperature creeping higher, we sneaked an expedition to nearby Potato Creek State Park for some early spring Phragmites australis. The common reed shows you right where to look.