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Sep 30

Recipe: Alewife & Cucumber Crackers

I happened upon some Lake Michigan alewife, so I ate some.

Apr 24

Invasivore Weekly Round-up April 24, 2011

Edible Invasive species this week: Asian Carp spreading, walleyes, rusty crayfish, sheep lend their rumens, Asiatic Clam, lionfish derby, and pining for a copy of May 2011 Men’s Journal.

Mar 23

Multi-Species Profile: Atlantic and Pacific Salmon

Look closely to see hundreds of pink salmon in Maybeso Creek, Alaska.  Photo Credit: Peter Levi

Notre Dame graduate student Peter Levi takes a break from his research on Pacific salmon to tell us about their impacts as well as the impacts of their Atlantic brethren.   Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) are a popular dinner item from coast-to-coast.  But the number of these fish in the Pacific Ocean may soon outnumber …

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Feb 16

Recipe: Almond Tilapia

Almond Tilapia all served up

Far more in the spirit of invasive species awareness than direct management, I bought tilapia for today’s Almond Tilapia recipe.

Feb 14

Species Profile: Tilapia

Tillapia fillets farmed in Honduras

It’s the middle of winter here in Indiana, making hunting and gathering difficult.  So to kick off a week of tilapia,  this is one of my favorite traditional Zambian dishes from my time in the Peace Corps and more recently for my PhD research.  It’s salty and delicious, but not typically how Americans cook fish. Pan …

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