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Jan 23

Friday Feast! January 23, 2015

Eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! Eating Lionfish in Florida It would seem like the spread of introduced and invasivorous Kudzu bug would be welcome, but they stink, and when invasive kudzu isn’t plentiful, they’ll also happily eat agricultural crops like soybean Invasivore goats in California

Dec 09

Species profile: Kudzu

kudzu map

Planting kudzu (Pueraria montana) in the United States to control erosion and as livestock feed seemed like a good idea at the time, but a lot of mistakes began with good intentions.   Ahhh kudzu, the plant that ate the south… It was only a matter of time until we tackled this botanical bane.  Kudzu was originally introduced to …

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Nov 20

Out to Eat! November 20

Eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! WHYY Radio in Philadelphia talks about eating invasive species. It is no longer legal to hunt feral pigs in Tennessee. Here’s a neat story about pigs controlling kudzu… as long as the pigs don’t escape! Chef Bun Lai proclaims “When life gives you invasive species, make …

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Feb 04

Weekly Invasivore Round-up Feb. 4, 2011

Do you have a Round-up suggestion?  e-mail or comment Thursday, Jan. 27 Successfully combating invasive species Angela Fisher of Detroit Examiner.com does a great invasivore round-up of her own.  I’m salivating over some of her links.  Look for Asian Carp, Round Goby, Sea Lamprey, and Kudzu. Sunday, Jan. 30 Want a Taste of Cayman? Try …

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