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Dec 04

Friday Feast! December 4, 2015

Eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! A report on Quartz features an interview with invasivore Editor Matt Barnes and suggests that eating invasive species may not be as easy as you think Always eating Lionfish in Florida Even dogs can get in on the invasivore action with Marsh Dog nutria meat …

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Oct 10

Friday Feast! October 10, 2014

Eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! By all accounts, the Institute for Applied Ecology’s Eradication by Mastication event was a success (more coverage here) A bright idea for controlling invasive applesnails in Louisiana Restaurants serving Lionfish in Florida And they’re serving up Asian Carp in Missouri As usual, we love invasivore goats

May 11

Out to Eat! May 11, 2013

Eating invasive species news and notes from around the internet! Giant African land snail stew!  (Though it turns out the suspect was not GALS) Considering nutria stew and fur coats in Louisiana. The Examiner takes a look at eating invasive species Invasive species reporting app now available for the Great Lakes region! And our video of …

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Jul 23

Nutria Dog Treats

"Barataria Bites" received positive reviews from the dog surveyed.

The only way Invasivores can obtain nutria meat is by hunting their own (as it isn’t sold anywhere) but alas, none of our staff have done so (yet).  Today’s dish comes to us from Marsh Dog, a company in Louisiana that turns this invasive pest into dog treats. For Invasivores interested in catching their own …

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Jul 19

Species profile: Nutria

Swimming nutria

Nutria (Myocastor coypus), also known as the coypu or river rat, is a 12lb rodent native to South America that has been introduced to North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia and has become especially invasive in coastal regions of the US. They resemble a small beaver with a long, thin tail. Nutria were originally introduced to …

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Mar 31

Out to Eat! March 31, 2012

A buffet of eating invasive species news and notes from around the web! The Outsmart Invasive Species Project has released one of the most comprehensive invasive species smartphone apps to date! A record-setting catfish catch stirs invasive species controversy in Maryland. These nine-pound invasive rats are disgusting… but are they edible? The Locavore Hunter provides …

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Sep 24

Roundup for September 24, 2011

last week’s profiled species, Asian carp, gained attention this week in the fight to feed hungry families A colleague of ours has started a new cooking blog, and we hope you’ll check it out.  Maybe we can convince him to try cooking a few invasive species? The Maui News does a decent summary of the …

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Jun 11

Weekly Invasivore Round-up, June 11, 2009

Weekly round-up of eating invasive species news and other happenings from all over.

Mar 19

Weekly Invasivore Round-up. March 19,2011

Our weekly round-up of invasivore related news and views from around the web. I didn’t have to look very far for tasty invasivore nibblies this week. Lionfish was a big hit, with a fun little video. I particularly enjoy the article at the very bottom from Science.

Mar 13

Weekly Invasivore Round-up March 13,2011

This week in invasivory got off to a strong start on the heels of National Invasive Species Awareness Week. We saw lots of press specifically for invasivores, and some clever ‘other’ consumptive uses.

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