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Mar 31

Out to Eat! March 31, 2012

A buffet of eating invasive species news and notes from around the web! The Outsmart Invasive Species Project has released one of the most comprehensive invasive species smartphone apps to date! A record-setting catfish catch stirs invasive species controversy in Maryland. These nine-pound invasive rats are disgusting… but are they edible? The Locavore Hunter provides …

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Aug 25

Invasivores Down Under

Stop the Spread of tilapia

This last week I’ve been in Cairns, Australia, in tropical Northern Queensland.  I’ve been searching for a prime invasivore target: Tilapia.  Tilapia mariae and Oreochromis mossambicus where introduced into Australia several decades ago, and started becoming a problem about 20 years ago.  In many areas, these tilapias have come to dominate native fish communities.  Alas, …

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May 04

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: How do edible invaders compare?

Percent Global Aquaculture Production

The NY times shows farmed tilapia isn’t as chock-a-block full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids as, well, pretty much all other types of fish. What about other edible invasive fish?

Mar 09

Recipe: Beer-battered Tilapia

Beer-battered tilapia with dirty rice, garlic sour cream, cabbage, and lime.  Photo credit:  Sheina Sim

Due to the seasonality of our last featured species, Brassica rapa, it may take me a few weeks to procure some field mustard as it is the end of winter and things have yet to germinate here in northwest Indiana.  In the meantime, here’s something tasty you can do with a previously-featured species,  invasive tilapia. Ingredients …

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Feb 18

Invasivory by the Numbers: Tilapia

A few Tilapia numbers and some food for thought…

Feb 16

Recipe: Almond Tilapia

Almond Tilapia all served up

Far more in the spirit of invasive species awareness than direct management, I bought tilapia for today’s Almond Tilapia recipe.

Feb 14

Species Profile: Tilapia

Tillapia fillets farmed in Honduras

It’s the middle of winter here in Indiana, making hunting and gathering difficult.  So to kick off a week of tilapia,  this is one of my favorite traditional Zambian dishes from my time in the Peace Corps and more recently for my PhD research.  It’s salty and delicious, but not typically how Americans cook fish. Pan …

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